Who I am?

Hello, my name is Contangonta.

While working as an engineer, I started US options trading for a pleasure in 2005. I might have a “gambler” mindset…

Targets are various such as individual stocks, ETFs and indexes. The method also. Started with covered call then tried many kinds of combination trade like credit/debit spreads or iron condors, always invest my real money.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I experienced both of the Lehman shock and the VIX shock as a player in the market, managed to survive while being at the mercy of the profit and loss of a roller coaster.

However, in the end, I decided to focus on a simple and high-winning VIX investment, and record my trading idea/action here as an investment note.


This is a daily practice memo about my trading including daily VIX index number, option prices for 6 months (from CBOE web site) and my thought/action (position open/close).

My strategy is called “spread trading utilise VIX contango” or “calendar spread trading using the volatility index of SP500 as the underlying asset”.

I don’t think it can be understood without knowledge of VIX and US options trading. But the purpose of this blog is to organize my own understanding and to record my judgment.

(Also to brush up my English!)

Please remind that I don’t intend to recommend someone to try the same things, nor advice.

If you think like “a crazy Japanese guy is doing funney trading!” , I’m OK.

As for now, no comment please.

Access may be restricted at some point.

This blog started from May 2022, my posts before that are available in Japanese (I’m Japanese live in Japan) here.


After understanding the intention of this blog, if you have any comments or questions, please contact info@vixnote.com

Please enjoy!