December 2022 period summary

Monthly summary

My result

My account performance is following.

  • 1m:$215.42/unit profit

Opened 12 units on 10/11 at $0.50 and closed them on 12/1 at $2.70. Total 12 units realised $2585.04 profit after commission.

  • 2m:$183.03/unit profit

Opened 12 units on 8/17 at $1.28, added 3 units on 9/26 at $0.50 and closed them on 11/23 at $3.00. Total 15 units realised $2745.38 profit after commission.


Normally, the 1m for December period would open in mid-July, but it was already around 1 point at that time, so we started with a wait-and-see approach. It was worth it, I was able to open it at 0.5 points when it started to fall in October.

In the final month of the December period that started on November 16, the 1m already scored 1.8 pts. My recent 1m target is 1.5 pts these days. At that point, I was worried about whether to expand target around 3 pts, or to secure profits safely and reliably. As a result, I closed it on December 1 with half a month left until maturity, but it seems it was a good timing as a result. Even if wait for it until the last day, I still have the level of profit started with. The peak of 2m was just over 3.6 points. I fclosed it with 3.0, it’s good.

It’s a little regrettable that I didn’t open 5m position, but I would hesitate to open from 3.0 pts.

Anyway this month was a good one. cheers.

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