2022 Summary

Monthly summary

It’s a little late, but here’s the data for year 2022.

Jan exp.

Feb exp.

Mar exp.

Apr exp.

May exp.

Jun exp.

Jul exp.

Aug exp.

Sep exp.

Oct exp.

Nov exp.

Dec exp.

Overall 2022

This table shows my actual performance per unit for annual 2022. I was trading with about 12 to 15 units, my specific profit and loss for each month are in monthly summary posts.

In fact, I withdraw some money from the account from time to time, so calculating the annualized performance from the account value at the beginning and end of the year does not give the correct result. So, I calculated annual performance based upon the account value at the beginning of the year and the actual realized profit and loss. The annual performance came out to be 16.3%. For the benchmarking, the performance of the SP500 index (SPY) in 2022 was -18.17%. (oh, it’s minus!)

Great result, isn’t it. It’s only VIX index, the result of believing in contango power.

Let’s try doing my best for 2023. (it’s already performing well, though)