June 2023 period summary

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My result

My account performance is following.

  • 1m:$115.42/unit profit

Opened 12 units on 1/17 at $0.60, closed them on 6/2 at $1.80. Total 12 units realised $1384.98 profit after commission.

  • 2m:$220.40/unit profit

Opened 15 units on 2/15 at $0.50, closed them on 6/1 at $2.75. Total 15 units realised $3305.92 profit after commission.


I think both 1m and 2m positions for the June period also performed well. After 1m value touched it’s target of 1.5 pts, the momentum looked slow down a bit, so I closed my position to secure profit. In hindsight, if I had been a little more persistent, it reached 2pts… But I just can’t help it. I got 1.8 pts so I have to think it’s enough.

Regarding 5m, I’m still hesitant if it’s already around 4 pts at the start in the final month. As a result, it hitted around 6 points, so I have some regrets…

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