December 2023 monthly summary

Monthly summary

My result

My account performance is following.

  • 1m:$70.34/unit profit

Opened 1 unit on 7/20 at $1.00, added 8 units on 7/21 at $1.00, closed them on 11/29 at $1.75. Total 9 units realised $633.04 profit after commission.

  • 2m:$145.51/unit profit

Opened 18 units on 8/23 at $1.05, closed them all on 11/29 at $2.55. Total 18 units realised $2617.41 profit after commission.


Regarding the December period, the contango deepening mode looks stopped in the second half of November, and the 1m or 2m increase stopped accordingly. But fortunately 1m was over the target of 1.5 pts, so I thought it was the peak and closed the positions. I could make a decent profit, but it has increased even further since then. If you can wait a little longer…

This month will be the last time I will post the profits and losses from my real account as a monthly report. The price movements of 1m and 2m are shown as a history at the end of each day’s posts, so I think you can get a rough idea of the actual profit and loss by looking at it. So this is the last article in the monthly report.

One month history