July 2022 period summary

Monthly summary

My result

My account performance is this. (I sometimes don’t follow the rule)

  • 1m:$155.40/unit profit

Opened 10 units on 2/25 at $-0.35, added 5 units on 4/21 at $0.40 and closed on 7/18 at $1.50. Total 15 units realised $2331.04 profit after commission.

  • 5m:$153.08/unit profit

Opened 10 units on 6/6 at $0.50, added 2 units on 6/13 at $-1.70, added 1 unit on 6/14 at $-2.00 and closed on 7/13 at $1.50. Total 13 units realised $1929.54 profit after commission.


I have some review points this period. First, not opeed 2m position. The timing to open was mid March and it’s middle of transition from backwardation to contango, I hesitated to open. It was a good timing to open, actually.

Second, adding on 4/21 might be miss order? Or did not take adding position even we had several good timing. It seems I had some hesitation in this month.

It’s not because I didn’t open 2m, but I opened 5m just before the period started. It looks that I took adding nicely, I think. It’s better to added more units to be more aggressive. Usually, 5m target is aboout 3 – 4 pts, because far maturity DEC number was low, I closed at 1.50 pts. Actually, it went up to > 3.0 pts but it’s OK, I got profit anyway.

For my reference